The Firm




Founded in 1953, Degroux Brugère has historically been specialised in providing tax advice to family groups and private clients including corporate founders and managers, more specifically on business transfers matters, mergers and acquisitions, asset management as well as tax audits.

The firm has also developed a strong Corporate practice, allowing the team to accompany their clients on tax-related matters as well as daily legal issues, transactional work and restructuring for French or foreign private clients, companies or investors.

Litigation achieves the firm’s offer and gives it a multidisciplinary capacity of action.

The founding partners have been joined in recent years by younger partners who convey a dynamic and entrepreneurial vision of the profession, while remaining deeply attached to the original values of the firm: excellence and quality in client relations.

Today, Degroux Brugère gathers eleven partners and some twenty associates and legal professionals.

Our values

Degroux Brugère provides its clients with made-to-measure advice based on simple guiding principles: experience, professionalism, flexibility, involvement and responsibility.

These principles, which can be found throughout the firm’s different fields of intervention, are based upon our long-established expertise, excellent knowledge of the best practices as well as recognition from public authorities and professionals.

The partners act as allies in developing a strategic and global vision of the cases, prescribing clear, efficient and secure solutions, for which they assume the responsibility, strictly proportioned to the real stakes of each case.

This objective, served by a cohesive and integrated team organisation, which combines each members’ specialisations with the firm’s culture and a shared passion of business are key elements in order to deliver the best and most efficient advice.

Our rigorous respect of ethics and confidentiality, combined to our work dedication and thorough expertise constitute the basis for the privileged relations we have established with numerous clients who have entrusted the firm, some for over 30 years.


Interlex LOGO
Cabinet Degroux Brugère has a presence in Luxembourg and is the reference firm in France for the international network The Interlex Group®, of which it has been a founding member and director since 1981.

This network brings together 47 independent firms in some sixty countries, giving the firm the contacts it needs to develop and structure its clients' cross-border activities, and to handle transnational issues in all its areas of expertise.


Philippe Delattre and Amélie Duclos co-manage the firm's Luxembourg desk. They provide clients with domestic and cross-border support, drawing on their knowledge of relations between France and Luxembourg, and between Luxembourg and other jurisdictions.

The Luxembourg Desk thus offers clients a genuine bridge between these two jurisdictions, and is active in the fields of Luxembourg business, the creation of private equity funds, family funds, the creation and transfer of family assets, cross-border merger operations, private equity, real estate and taxation.

He works closely with Luxembourg's trustees, notaries and banks, with whom Philippe and Amélie maintain close ties.