• Advising groups, shareholders and managers

    Founded in 1953, the law firm Degroux Brugère is historically specialised in tax counselling for family groups as well as a private clientele of corporate founders and managers
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  • Guarantee you professionalism, involvement and discretion

    The Degroux Brugère firm offers to its clientele a made-to-measure support founded on simple guiding principles: experience, professionalism, adaptability, involvement and responsibility.
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  • Accompanying you in France and internationally

    The firm Degroux Brugère is present in Luxembourg and constitutes the reference firm in France for the international network The Interlex Group ®, of which it is a founding and director member since 1981.
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  • Taxation: Devise efficient and secure solutions

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  • Transactional: Assisting you in all the development phases of your business

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  • Restructuring: Introducing a strategic vision for the difficulties of a business

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  • Litigation: Anticipate and manage disputes

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